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A walk in the park…

Jenny and Matt took me to this gorgeous park on the outskirts of Exeter. Considering I used to live in this wonderful city, i was really surprised to find this totally secluded park, which after a short hike up a rather steep hill, you discover this fabulous view over the City. You can the quay, University, all the houses look tiny and the cranes that are building the new John Lewis look like something from playmobil. The view was breath taking, then i discovered this super fit couple coming running up here, well, i struggled to get up the hill with a camera bag! We spent about an hour walking, chatting and messing about. Although, like nearly everyone I photograph they were nervous about having there photo taken and also being outside of a studio situation, where other people will see them; by the end of the shoot they both said “that was great fun and not at all like I thought it was going to be..I might have even enjoyed it!”

That is the nicest comment a couple can make because i really want people to spend the time together, enjoy themselves, forgot that I am there but let me capture you love, laughs and happiness on the way.[fblike]