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About Me| Becky Joiner

Alternative Wedding PhotographerI don’t do awkward, stiff-looking posed photographs, most of my work is candid, relaxed and above all I promise you it will be fun.

 About Me

Hello there and welcome! I’m Becky, good to have you here looking at my website, so let’s get a cup of tea and settle in to have a quick chat.

I work with contemporary couples who are looking for a  creative photographer that understands their vision. You are most likely steering away from cliche or traditional photographs, and want something that truly reflects your personality, honest emotion and heartfelt beauty.

I am a visual story teller that reacts to the emotion that is happening around me naturally

My intention

My intention is that together, we create genuine relaxed photographs. We have fun and I promise that having your photos taken will be an enjoyable experience. It will not feel awkward or weird, which is what many people think. All you have to do is be you, forget about me.

I am a photographer because I am curious, I am fascinated how humans interact with one another

A quick glance, a smile or massive hug, I want to capture it all, naturally as it happens. I am interested in the everyday ordinary mundane stuff that simply makes up life. The extraordinary in the ordinary, that’s is what a wedding day is after all. On any other day it is just another day, but one day it’s your wedding and that is extra ordinary.

Delicate Interactions

I always look for light, perfect light is to die for, it happens when you expect it so just before sunrise or sunset but it also happens at moments of sheer joy. I love texture and colour that pops from a scene. My images are full of these elements.

I am compelled to tell the story of your family, to make genuine photos that you will always cherish. These mini fragments of time extracted from a scene and forever yours. These delicate interactions remind you of how you felt on your wedding day.

This is the first chapter of a whole new family

This is where it all began.

It is your own personal legacy.

I would love to be there at the start of your new adventure so shall we begin? Contact Me


Devon Wedding Photographer | Biography

I am an alternative wedding photographer based in Devon England work all over the world.

I have an MA in Photography from University College Falmouth.

I have exhibited at a photographic artist in the UK and France.

I started out working with Ad agencies in the UK and Sydney.