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So how you all doing today? I just got back from walking my dog.

I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards, possibly not one of my greatest looks, but I do feel so alive. It’s the process of walking that I find most helpful, the methodical plod that maybe balances me somehow. It enables me to put my thoughts and plans into some sort of perspective. To categorise my work, make better clearer lists and to just. slow. right. down. and walk. one. two. one. two.

Always returning from the outside feeling happy, having a sense of well being and a renewed energy for life.

Thinking about it, my best time of the year are the summer months. I know in England we are not blessed with endless summer sun, but on the days when the sun warms your back, the breeze is filled with the scent of honeysuckle mixed with salty sea breeze, it’s perhaps quite close to my perfect.

I don’t live that close to the sea but when I get the chance I escape to the coast. As I sit here with a warm mug of tea in my hand, I look back on some of the work that we did this summer, like getting up at 4am to get the perfect light or an empty beach.

So, lets all press pause on life, lets all stop for a moment to relive dreamy days of summer, come fly with me over the sea to a far away land.

 Aerial Film South Devon | Creative location films

Aerial Film South Devon | Creative location filmsAerial Film South Devon | Creative location films



























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