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Autumn / Winter Weddings

Autumn / Winter Weddings

“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” Keats

Autumn conjures up a feeling of warm tones with copper, burnt umber and deep reds. Sunsets often linger with epic sunsets too. This season is fast becoming the most popular time to get married. With cooler evening there is also the excuse to have a different outfit to wear in the evening.

Although having a wedding in the Autumn or Winter gives a different feel to the hazy summer weddings, if you swap your wedding for this season many suppliers offer a discount as this is no longer peak season. Which means your wedding budget will go a whole lot further. Don’t be worried about a lack of styling or flowers just take inspiration from your natural surroundings when you choose your bouquet flowers. The palette of oranges, greens and deep reds in this one is the epitome of autumnal country charm.

Autumn / Winter Weddings If you think that a blanket of snow is the most romantic setting then start planning your winter wedding.

A winter wedding always seems to have a additional magical romantic feel to the day. I am not sure if it is the additional lights and Christmas decorations that adorn a venue or maybe its just the Christmas spirit oozing out, but I do really enjoy a winter wedding. Sure it does add a few additional complications to a wedding day, especially shorter daylight hours, but don’t panic because with a bit of extra planning you can make it a truly beautiful winter wedding day.