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Baking, Blogs and Photography: inspirtation to slow it down


So I have just made a cake to take over to our friends house tomorrow; I have given myself thirty minutes max to write this blog post as that is the time it takes to cook the cake. So, I am going to provide desert while she cooks the roast… I think I got the better deal as I love to make a pudding. This time I made a pineapple upside down cake with fresh pineapples plus some good old fashioned chocolate fridge cake for the kids. However, although I usually am happy to cook, today it felt an effort because what I really wanted to do was read my freshly delivered Exposed magazine that arrived today all the way from Orange County, California for the delightful and inspirational international destination photographer ghetto fabulous Ms Jasmine Star.  If you don’t know about Jasmin Star or if you are a photographer that just wants some inspiration then you have to watch this totally motivational short film . Kat from RockNRollBride introduced her to me as a brilliant person to teach you all about photography branding, being yourself and attracting the right clients

This magazine documents the first two years of her career as a photographer, who initially knew very little about photography, through to  international super star wedding photographer. The way she writes is just like creamy butter, the words drip off the page let alone the dreamy back lit photos that ooze from the magazine. AHH it is bliss!!!

To say I  am excited to get the magazine is beyond words, or at least my words. I really am not keen on writing, I find it difficult to express myself, let me stand up in front of a group of people or chat to you over the phone, that’s when I feel connected. Photography expresses my feelings and emotions far better than words do. I get a great feeling from capturing an emotion that can not be expressed so well with words, it is what is not said that to me is important. On the occasions that I grasp this feeling, frame it and construct a photograph only then do I feel satisfied that I have succeed. Jasmine talks openly about her failures and ever so slowly her successes increase. I only goy as far as page 20 of Exposed but in those few pages what I have learnt is that building a business takes time, lots and lots and lots of time.  Like my cake, which has 7 minutes left to cook, it takes all the right ingredients, to make it a truly yummy cake. I remember once I didn’t have self raising flour so I substituted it for plain and the cake didn’t rise, some of you will be laughing at the  stupidity of not realizing the raising agents in self raising, after all it does say it in the name! But until I made that mistake I just didn’t know. So, like my photography business, I have made a number of mistakes once but learnt so much from them. But what I still have to learn is how to slow down, learn to wait, be patient for my business to grow. Thank you Jasmin for your advice and thank you Delia for your cake recipe; both of you ladies are independent, strong people who have had sheer determination, tenacity that has  in time enabled you to truly succeeded.

By the way my timer went off 12 minutes ago, but let not think of it as a failure more an unrealistic expectation.


My boys fixing a bike, my inspiration.