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Birthday escape

So it’s time to escape as it’s my Birthday this weekend. I will be spending a heap of time with my family and mostly me out walking in the the countryside. There will be no phones, No Facebook and no pinterest. Every year I take some time out at Christmas, because it fits with my work and I love this time of year, after all I am a big id at heart.

It is a time to reflect, to be with my friends and family, and to celebrate the achievement of the year gone past.  It always get’s to the day before and think I have so much to do, should I be taking time out?  Should I switch off, disconnect from  the main frame? After all I run my own business so who will answer the emails?

But no, my family are my Why. They are the reason Why I go to work, they inspire me, they support my crazy ideas and laugh at my silly working hours, they help me more and more everyday. I go away and I come back refreshed and brimming with ideas. So we are off.

Tim made this film which totally sums up how I like to spend my time out. See you all soon!