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The other day I met the really original and creative Sharron from Interiors and Flowers by Design she is based just on the high street in Wellington, Somerset but as you step through the door you are transported somewhere else, perhaps to vintage France or maybe the ginger beer drinking British-ness of England from another time, or maybe if I close my eyes an amazing garden full of summer scents and blooms….either way i like it and I recommend a visit. If you are looking for  stylish flowers or a bouquet with a  little difference talk to Sharron.

Pink Rose and Mint

Pink Rose and Mint

flowers thought the windowsuitcasesSummer Flowers
I know there are a number of suppliers in the South West that are truly individual, making our homes full of things that are a little bit different, not so mainstream and far more like each of us…individual. When I create a photograph i am always looking for a different perspective, I capture what I find visually appealing, the details, especially the small often unnoticed details that actually construct the whole image. I aim to bring the emotion of the place, the people the objects back to life through the simple photograph.