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Grandad Johns 92nd Birthday

Today is my Grandad’s 92nd Birthday party. It is pretty amazing to think what he must have lived through. He can tell me all about the war, the rationing, the awful snow in 1976 and so much more, but he can’t remember what has just happened a few moments ago. His memory is malfunctioning, or maybe it’s being really kind to him, allowing him to remember the good times, his youth with it’s highs and lows. Grandad is a bit tricky, he gets cross, crosser than usual. He’s never been easy going, it’s his way or no way. He is demanding, difficult awkward and he still expects a fully cooked dinner every night…. he never leaves his home or garden, it’s been like that for more that six years…stifling…and yes he lives on his own in his own home and takes no medication, pretty good I think!

So today we all gather together to celebrate his 92 years, he tells us this morning that he certainly won’t be coming to any party “that’s a load of nonsense” and he doesn’t really want to see any of us…upsetting? no not really that’s just Grandad.

Happy 92nd Birthday Grandad!



I took these photos on 24th January 2013, he was born on a snowy day in 1921.