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Revisiting Richmond Wedding Revelry

Katy and Andrew got married at Pembroke Lodge in  Richmond Park, London, this wedding was full of laughs as Katy’s light heartened attitude and love for life seemed to ooze from her on this special day. But the day was also moving and in parts rather sad as Katy’s parents are no longer alive to see this beautiful day. During the speeches that was not a dry eye in the room, including myself and even the waiting staff, who had only just met the couple! Weddings are always emotional, we honor those that are absent with a raised glass, toast those that are no longer with us, as wedding is a life changing event not just for the couples but by the joining of the two families.

I look back on this wedding, fondly remembering Katy’s original and handmade green wedding dress fringed with pale lilac tulle – wow it looks amazing don’t you think? But I especially remember this wedding as it was one of my first wedding photography jobs. I had photographed friends wedding before but this i consider to be my first proper paid for wedding. I was so nervous, it was a hot day and this couple felt that there photographs were the most important part of there day, so the pressure was really on. Katy and Andrew said that “Once our wedding day is over, all the family have gone back home, we are unlikely to see them again for a number of years, so we really want to be be able to remember our Wedding Day everyday”