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The Octupus and the Photobooth

So, recently I was asked by a local vet if I could come along to take photos of people and there pets…now initially I thought how on earth did they get my number?? I have never promoted myself at a pet portrait kind of gal but apparently they asked someone I have previously photographed, they recommended me,  they looked at my website and read my blog etc etc… So by this time I was flattered and the lady just sounded really, really lovely and so very excited.  She said can I come along for a couple of hours, on a day i was free and I thought well why not? Then said yes!

I know, I know after all the recent reading of blogs, business books, seminars, where I have learnt how to sell my photography business more effectively. The best suggestion has been offer ONE service really well…how on earth does this kind of portraiture fit in??

Rosemarie Trockel, Mela, 1993 Becky Joiner

Rosemarie Trockel, Mela, 1993

During my study of photography at  University Collage Falmouth, I  remember seeing a collection of work by Rosemarie Trockel, 1993  where she created these beautiful, if not slightly weird pet portraits. She has adopted the same set, background, lighting and planning to photograph a dogs, that traditional studio photographers would pose a person. This image recently sold for $31,200!!

Matthew Seed, 2010.Becky Joiner

Matthew Seed, 2010.

More recently I was reading Turning Pro magazine and saw these brilliantly lit mages by the fashion photographer Matthew Seed.  In the article he discusses how he used his technical knowledge of fashion photography and applied it to the uncontrollable subject matter of these equine divas.  He has seen a gap in the market and now is known world wide as THE horse photographer. I guess at some point he just thought Well hay why not?

So worst case someone turns up with an octopus and I have to make a photo out of it…