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Why have a Wedding film? | Devon Wedding Film Makers

Why have a Wedding film?

Why have a Wedding film?

Wedding film is something that have been quietly working on during 2014, you can see some of the films we have already created here Film is something that I have worked with a bit in the past but the single frame of photography is where my passion always lay, until I had a go and just played with some ideas. My husband Tim has always thought in a cinematic way, it’s weird to say that but there is a difference on how we view the world. Film is amazing, its powerful, emotive and allows you the creativity to work along side photography but in a completely different way. Tim has become part of my business, he always was, as many of you have met him when he has been my second shooter for me, helped on on shoots, build wooden walls in fields and just been there.

We are really proud to now include wedding films as part or our photography package or if you just want your wedding filmed and have your own photographer that’s cool we can do that too.

Wedding films allow you and your family to relive your very own wedding story again and again. We tell your wedding story, every one of them is different.

What do we do?

We use a number of digital cameras to capture your wedding day, along with a heap of audio kit to get the speeches and vows.

What is our style of film? 

We work with you to get the parts of your wedding day that a really important to you, we work discreetly. Out style is informal, we work from our heart, we want you to have fun while we filming, it’s like we are old friends making brilliant memories of the best day of your life.

What do we get with our wedding film and how much does it cost?

Option 1

  • 8 hours on location
  • 1 film maker
  • A feature film
  • 3-5 min Highlight film
  • Presented to you as a DVD
  • Investment cost £1200
    An example of this  is Emma and Adam’s Film 
  • Option 2
  • 10 hours on location
  • 2 Film makers
  • A feature film
  • 3-5 min Highlight film
  • Vows and Speeches
  • Presented to you as a DVD
  • Investment cost £1800

An example of this is Dan and Katie’s wedding film 

We love it how do we book you?

Fill in this form, tell us as much as you can about your wedding, especially let us know the date you are interested in, and we will get back to you really soon.